An Invitation to Join Our Vision


Dear Friends and Nobles.

The Royal House and Sovereign House of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo’s Vision is to perpetuate and expand the knightly virtues, to encourage intellectual rigorousness, to recognize the exemplary conduct and achievements with membership in its three Royal Orders, and to enhance society with leadership programs which nurtures, develops, and inspires the Innovators of tomorrow.

Mid-last year the Royal and Sovereign House of Cappadocia and San Bartolomeo, and Mayan Plantation Limited (“MPL”) embarked on a 3-Step Strategy:

Step I. The Royal House decided that a Principality should be established with its corporate domicile in the State of Delaware, USA. On December 1, 2017, the Principality of Cappadocia, Inc. and Mayan Plantation, Limited executed a Purchase and Sale Agreement of the shares of MPL a nearly 45-year old Hong Kong-based land holding company. MPL is the owner of one of the largest, private fee-simple properties, (approx. 32,423.45-acres of land and about 7,000-acres of lagoons, lakes, and rivers) in the beautiful eco-tourism nation of Belize. Due to the property’s close-proximity to the International Airport, bordered inland by the national highway, with miles of Caribbean shoreline, it may possibly be one the most strategically located properties of Belize, the heart of the ancient Maya Kingdom.

Step II. The Principality of Cappadocia, Inc., through its Board of Directors, will oversee the engagement of the best possible team for MPL to guide the conversion of the entire 39,000-acre property into a diverse, sustainable, smart New City (Municipality), in which to live, study, work and play. These efforts should result in the creation of a powerful “Economic Engine” for the benefit of its shareholders, all stakeholders, and the people and government of Belize. This goal is similar to that of the hugely successful conversion of the James Campbell Estate’s sugarcane plantation on the Island of Oahu, into the City of Kapolei in Hawaii, its Ko’olina Resort featuring the Aulani Disney Resort, a Marriott Resort and a Four Seasons Resort, on four picturesque man-made lagoons in the State of Hawaii. See Sister/Friendship City between Honolulu and Belize.

Step III. The Royal House’s goals include to empower the “Shareholders”, “Members of our Orders” and” the “Innovators of Tomorrow,” and inspire each to bring honor to our Royal Orders in the defense of noble causes and the less fortunate. For example, The Belize Foundation is working to help advance the human, cultural, and natural assets of Belize for the sustainable development of the country. These efforts are led by Prof. Dr. David Gibson, Senior Research Scientist, The University of Texas at Austin and Dr. Nancy Atmospera-Walch, Duchess of Styria of Cappadocia. See:

Please read the booklet “WHY BELIZE: Our Story – Our Vision” and contact us should you wish to support or actively participate in achieving our Dream and Vision. Contact Us!


In chivalry,

  Prince Rafael

H.R.H. Prince Raphael Andujar y Vilches, Ph.D.
Prince Grand Master
Royal and Sovereign House of Cappadocia
and San Bartolomeo,
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

With warmest Aloha

  Duke Gerhart

H.E. Gerhart Wilhelm Walch, AMDP
Duke of Styria of Cappadocia,
Vice Chairman & President

In chivalry,

  Duke Michael

H.G. Michael Spencer Teilmann, KGCI
Grand Chancellor
Duke of Aswan of Cappadocia